Principles of Education & Training

In Principles of Education and Training, students will explore various careers available within the Education and Training Career Cluster. By using self-knowledge as it relates to educational and career information, students will analyze various careers within the Education and Training Career Cluster and develop a graduation plan that leads to a specific career choice in the student's interest area.

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Scope &

Unit 1: The student demonstrates professional standards/employability skills as required by business and industry.

Unit 2: The student explores education and training careers by such means as shadowing, interviewing, career interest inventory, researching, and/or self-reflection.

Unit 3: The student explains societal impacts within the education and training career cluster.

Unit 4: The student explores careers in teaching and training program of study.

Unit 5: The student explores careers in the administration and administrative support program of study.

Unit 6: The student explores careers in the professional support services program of study.

Unit 7: The student experiences authentic education and training opportunities.

Unit 8: The student explores options in education and career planning.

Unit 9: The student documents technical knowledge and skills.